Our story

Universal Crypto was built by a team of young, dynamic and multicultural individuals with a common vision, spreading the awareness and adoption of blockchain technology for a brighter future. We offer educational and analytical consultancy services that are bespoke for each client, may it be individual, corporate or Governmental body. The team behind it all is highly diverse with their skills and experience, this allows us to tackle a range of challenges in the spheres of finance, marketing and strategy. We also have a partnership with a team of blockchain developers who are able to implement the technology into businesses of various industries. 

Our journey began with a simple idea to make Cyprus an international hub for blockchain and cryptocurrency, where implementation will drive the island to unmeasurable development. We are headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus but provide virtual consultations for anyone interested worldwide.


Meet the team

Alexey Neduzhko

Business Consultant / ICO Advisor

Bogdan Maslesa

Blockchain Analyst & Consultant / Brand Marketer

Constantinos Antoniou 

Crypto Analyst / ICO Specialist


Our Services


General Cryptocurrency and blockchain*

- Educating about the blockchain technology 

- Explaining key terminology of the sector

- Buying your first cryptocurrency


Bespoke Cryptos, alts and icos*

- We share our research about various Alts and ICOs;

Analysis / History / Technology / Progress

- Trading Strategies

- Portfolio Structuring


Blockchain Workshop

- Technical practise 

- Bringing similar mindsets together 

- Getting answers to questions you wouldn't think to ask

- Discuss current market trends


Traditional Business consulting

- Turning an idea into a business 

- Market research and analysis 

- Business strategy and consulting 

- Marketing and communication 

- ICO fundraising and investment marketing 


Implementing blockchain technology into your business

- Research on companies in your sector implementing blockchain

- Future developments that could apply for your business

- Implementing blockchain into your business model

- Managing the smooth transition

- Educating after the implementation & maintenance

*Available as a group session



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Our Office

Office 240 C&D, Iris House,

8 John Kennedy, 3106,

Limassol, Cyprus.