Huawei Eyeing SIRIN OS License To Introduce Blockchain-Based Smartphones


Chinese tech giant Huawei is planning on developing a smartphone that will support decentralized applications (DApp) running on Blockchain technology, Bloomberg reported on March 21st.

Bloomberg explained that Huawei is seeking the license for the open-source operating system SIRIN OS, developed by Swiss Blockchain-oriented company SIRIN Labs. The world’s third largest handset maker plans to implement SIRIN OS together with DApps running on Android systems.

Huawei and SIRIN Labs confirmed that the companies met back in February but declined to provide further details.

The admin of SIRIN Lab’s Chat Group on Telegram commented:


“We will announce partnerships once official. You can follow our official announcement channel to get the latest news and updates - @sirinlabsann.”


SIRIN Labs, a Blcockhain privacy-oriented electronics and OS supplier established in 2014, actually develops its own Blockchain-based phones alongside with a crypto wallet and crypto exchange-like platform, converting digital tokens to fiat money for running DApps. On Dec. 15, the company was reported to raise $100 mln in less than 24 hours on its token sale for what it claims is “the first blockchain infused phone.”

If the parties confirm the agreement, Huawei would be the first major cellphone manufacturer to introduce a Blockchain-based smartphone and to bring the technology to the mass market. Earlier in March, Huawei filed a patent for a Blockchain-based verification system to protect intellectual property rights for digital content.




Source: Helen Partz,

Bogdan Maslea