The 7 Things Your Whitepaper Needs to Be Taken Seriously


Investors look at numerous factors when researching on an ICO. From your social media platforms to the reputation of your team, your Minimum-Viable-Product (because you have one, right?) and, of course, your website, everything matters to them.

However, not everyone is doing heavy research on your project. With more than a hundred ICOs running simultaneously at all times, most people don’t have the time to do due diligence and rely heavily on their instinct, or the opinions of others. Which is where your information MVP, the whitepaper, rises to the scene.

Before digging into the fine art of whitepaper crafting, it’s vital to state that this document by itself will not sell your project in the current crypto-economy. Although a good whitepaper will go lengths into promoting a product, it will just be the starting point for serious reviewers, such as experienced investors and influencers. 

Having all these factors in mind, we’ve compiled a list of factors that will get your whitepaper through the first phase of analysis. If you want your project to have the best possible chance to shine under scrutiny, read ahead!


The checklist



1.  A serious, unbiased description of your product and the problem it solves

No one likes a sales pitch. There’s a fine line between showcasing your idea –which you obviously think is great—and trying to sell it to a potential investor at all costs. Take note of this, and re-read your whitepaper, trying to detach yourself from it. If you’re having trouble doing this, you may want to consider getting someone else (preferably a crypto investor) to provide you with some honest feedback!

As a rule of thumb, remember: If your whitepaper comes across as trying to convince someone that your idea is great, instead of showcasing how great it is, it’s a no-go.


2.  Using a friendly, conversational tone

Official –or serious, for that matter—does not equal boring. Cut the unnecessary fancy words, and keep it simple!

Treating your readers as equals, however, comes at the risk of seeming like you’re talking down on them. Make sure you don’t double-state your facts or make too much emphasis on easy concepts, and you’ll have your audience on your side, where you want them.


3. Comprehensive graphics

By far, the most powerful way to showcase the quality of your whitepaper is paying attention to its design.

Valuable, well-designed graphics play a vital role on your document; and some may even say that your project should be understandable looking at the graphics alone. Make sure you hire a good graphic designer, pay him or her well –better than missing out on potential investments!—and find the best way for them to represent the information you want to convey in a way that looks fashionable.


4.  A good flow

While your whitepaper’s purpose is not to entertain, never underestimate how important flow can be, especially on the first read.

Having clearly-segmented sections, a good table of contents, pictures in the right places, and a clear font that is reader-friendly helps both the people skimming and deep-reading your whitepaper, giving it a better chance at notoriety. It also saves your time on upcoming questions, and facilitates the spreading of your idea!


5.  No mistakes, ever.

Everybody makes mistakes; we get it.


Your whitepaper is the soul of your project. If you’re taking only one thing from this article, make it that one. This document is the first, and by some, the only thing that will be used to judge your project. Avoid calling unnecessary attention to mistakes such as grammar issues and typos, which make you come across as lazy or clumsy –neither of which are very desirable qualities when dealing with investors.

The good news for you is that there are tons of both paid and free options for proofreading and writing. At Universal Crypto, we love to use Grammarly in particular!


6. Branding

Branding is another aspect where having an in-house designer pays off. Having someone that understands your vision for what your materials should look and feel like helps you create a strong brand with which potential investors can identify themselves.

Good branding practices also mean that you should avoid stock pictures, borrowing graphics, and using third-party content in your whitepapers. Give your creatives a chance to create, and they’ll come through for you!


7. Promotion and updates

Last, but not least, make sure your new masterpiece is easy to find, and it’s always at its best, most recently updated version everywhere you post it.

Your project should be easy to review for anyone willing to do it, and keeping the latest version available everywhere is the best way to ensure your followers know every detail of it. Remember, if they love it, they’ll want to do your marketing for you!


Final Word, and a Warning

While on this article we’ve covered all the necessary steps to make your whitepaper shine at first sight, making sure that investors will give it a thorough, analytical read is more complicated –although completely doable. We’ve set the foundation for your whitepaper, and now you have something to present to the world.

However, fixing the content on your whitepaper –which will ultimately make it or break it—is more complicated. No matter how good your whitepaper is, or how good does it look, if investors requirements aren’t met, or they don’t agree with your views, your project will hardly go anywhere.

In future posts, we’ll look deep into the many aspects of crafting an attractive, successful project that investors will love. In the meantime, make sure to check out Universal Crypto, and our previous posts. Also, make sure to send us any questions or feedback you may have.

Stay tuned for more content!

Bogdan Maslea