72 Hours In Malta's Crypto Madness

The story of Malta Blockchain Summit (MBS) all started on a sunny Cyprus morning back in April this year, when I received an invitation to MBS from the main man himself Eman Pulis (Founder & CEO of SiGMA and of the Malta Blockchain Summit).

Prior to the start of the Summit, I knew deep inside that this will be the TOP blockchain conference of 2018! The MBS team was working super hard the entire year, connecting industries global leaders, regulators, government officials, exchanges, digital banks and many more institutions together. The initial attendance expectation was 5,000 - 6,000 individuals, however as most of you have probably already seen on the MBS social media platforms, the first MBS event attracted over 8,500 attendees! There was over 100 different nationalities present over the two day event. It was a blockchain conference on another dimension!

The most beautiful thing was, the freedom and ease of networking and conversing with some of the brightest and youngest blockchain minds, which are persistently and passionately changing this world every single day, one step at a time.

This collective gathering of futurists, visionaries and straight up blockchain OG's made Malta Blockchain Summit, a conference that will never be forgotten. It was fantastic reconnecting with our blockchain partners and family from around the world. Simply put, MBS was a celebration of the era of digital revolution which is changing every aspect of our lives.


I would like to leave you all with one final thought and putting some perspective on the pace of adoption. During the entire conference, within nearly every mutual conversation, I would hear someone that would bring up the itchy question of when is 'mass adoption' going to happen?

Bogdan Maslea