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blockchain business strategy  

Distributed ledger technology can be a great solution for facilitating innovations in transferring value digitally. In order to address your business requirements, we have developed an in-house strategy framework suitable for any industry.

  • Get a head start from your competitors & implement bespoke solutions for your needs.

  • Our diverse team will formulate the most appropriate BBS for your industry needs. This will increase your companies efficiency, transparency & security.

  • This service is suitable for all types of businesses.  

White paper consultations

Using the experience and skills we have acquired by auditing countless white papers, our team will take the time to analyse your project and work with you to fine-tune what it is you want to achieve practically. This process will be enlightening for you as well as it will reveal potential flaws and/or shine light on underdeveloped parts of your project which you may have not identified yet.

  • Are you looking to create your own token & require assistance with your WP?

  • Our WP service ranges from advisory to auditing and complete creation if necessary.

  • This service is suitable for start-ups and established corporation.


digital payments

The main purpose of transferring value digitally via the blockchain is to facilitate trustworthy and verifiable transactions between participants who may otherwise not have trusted each other.  In order to help your business to be a part of the digital age, we have created partnerships with reputable and pioneering digital payment providers who we will introduce to you.

  • Streamline your digital payments, with the use of cryptocurrencies and Electronic Money Institutions.

  • Our pioneering digital payment partners can provide any solutions necessary.

  • This service is suitable for all types of businesses.

liquidity solutions  

Universal Crypto works with leading liquidity providers and provides clients with advanced liquidity solutions powered by state-of-the-art trading technology offered by its partners. Are you in need of high amounts of BTC or are you a traditional broker looking to offer cryptocurrency trading with low fees and low risk? We have negotiated top rates with the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

  • Is your company in need of cryptocurrencies?

  • Having a direct connection with top crypto exchanges, you will be offered the best rates possible.

  • This service is suitable for any financial institution, brokerage or fund.   

Security tokens / asset backed tokens (stable coins)

Security Tokens are going to change our current financial infrastructure. Just like what email did to the post office and what digital photography did to Kodak.

Want to find out more?

We can assist you and your company through our expertise and industry connections.

  • Looking to launch an STO or a stable coin, backed by physical assets such as precious metals?

  • We have the expertise & solutions for tokenizing any type of asset.

  • This service is suitable for companies which has natural recourses that they wish to tokenize.

cyber security solutions  

When uploading personal and corporate data online, security must be of a priority.
Hackers are lurking everywhere, and it is extremely important to keep your keys and funds secure and protected. We can provide you with the latest cyber security advice, education, and literacy training (through our cybersecurity Experts). Physical and virtual network security, full IP address masking. Contact us to learn more. Gain your privacy back.

  • It is crucial to protect your company‚Äôs data with the latest cyber security solutions.

  • This service is suitable for all types of businesses.


Lead Generation and Business Development

Our team has experience generating leads in diverse industries, both through personal networks and leveraging dedicated events around the world.
We can develop networks, find valuable partnerships, and help your brand spot valuable allies; as well as help you attract the most compatible investors for your business.


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