services Overview


Individual Consultations 

Our consultations are designed to accommodate clients according to their blockchain expertise and background through one-on-one educational sessions, where we cover:

  • An introduction to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

  • Guided analysis of the supply of altcoins and ICOs.

  • The creation of trading accounts on exchanges according to the client’s convenience.

  • The creation of a trading strategy suiting our clients’ preferences for risk exposure.


Whitepaper WORKSHOPS / reviews

Our Investment Analysis team performs complete whitepaper reviews with an emphasis on:

  • Content

  • Internal logic

  • Description of the market and the problem

  • Competitive analysis

  • Product and solution

  • Token economics and allocation of raised funds

  • Team, advisors, and partnerships

  • Roadmap

  • Overall presentation and writing style

We aim to improve the strength of the message you communicate to your potential investors. We deliver the final results of our audit with actionable feedback on how to improve your project’s documentation and profile.


whitepaper re-writing and creation

Our creative team will work closely with yours to understand the intricacies of your particular industry, as well as those of your project. Through a thorough examination of these factors, we will determine the same parameters that we consider for our audits and include them in your whitepaper; reverse-engineering your project to appeal to the world-wide blockchain community.

Our main goal is to collect, analyse, and present data in a fashionable way to demonstrate your project’s dedication to improving the lives of your potential users; highlighting your project’s implementation of blockchain technologies.

Corporate consultations 

We offer consultation packages to support businesses in any industry and location. These packages can include (but are not limited to):
Blockchain use case consultations:

  • Our team will help you determine the best possible way to include blockchain technologies in your business plan, both for the benefit of your company and your customers’.

  • Target and market research tailored to your particular industry, uncovering possible competitors, pre-existing solutions, and areas of opportunity.


Community building

Our team has experience in creating and leveraging active and growing communities of blockchain enthusiasts and crypto investors. Through reverse-engineering, we create and receive community feedback, helping us tailor your project to suit potential investors. Some of these communities are the Telegram PaddyCryptoTribe Chat, the Digital Currency Group, and the Bitcoin Club Limassol.

community management 

For Universal Crypto, Community Management is more than just moderation: Our services are focused on creating value for your community by stimulating positive conversations between Community Managers and users. These conversations help to attract potential investors on different platforms, such as Reddit, BitcoinTalk, Steemit, and Telegram.

Our partnership with Community Management specialists (such as TotemTribe) provide us with a wide range of dedicated professionals to select for your project in a 24/7 rotation.



EVent organization

Universal Crypto was a key component in the organisation of Cyprus’ greatest-ever blockchain event: The iCoin Summit.
Held in Limassol, Cyprus, the iCoin Summit featured a live ICO Battle, the first of its kind. It was attended by more than 800 crypto-enthusiasts over two days and featured an investment pool of $1.1 Million in combined value.

The organisation and positive reviews of this event provide a good example of the extent to which Universal Crypto can manage, organise, and promote large-scale blockchain events.


Lead Generation and Business Development

Our team has experience generating leads in diverse industries, both through personal networks and leveraging dedicated events around the world.
We can develop networks, find valuable partnerships, and help your brand spot valuable allies; as well as help you attract the most compatible investors for your business.


Social Media Management, Content Creation, and Copywriting:

We provide your business with an integral, optimised social media presence that serves simultaneously as social proof for people researching your business, newsletter for your current followers, and to drive traffic to your website. We will also create targeted ads leveraging your budget to promote special events and deals to the ideal audience for your brand.

On the content side, we’re able to produce high-quality updates for your following in respect to your company’s activities, keeping an original, authentic voice suiting your core values. We also handle the posting of these materials in the outlets of your preference. Our writing is specifically designed to keep your readers engaged, active and well-informed.



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