Team Overview



ALexey neduzhko

Alexey moved to Limassol Cyprus in the first years of his life where he spent his childhood years. Following the educational footpath of an English high school, he moved to London to do a Bachelors in Management and a Masters in Energy Trading & Finance. His multicultural background enabled him to obtain international work experience, from consulting start-ups in Buenos Aires and London to working as an equity analyst and trader for a small investment fund.

Alexey’s international network had opened his eyes on the dynamically evolving blockchain market and enhanced his interest through investment into cryptocurrency. His direct involvement in blockchain grew his network even further and enhanced his knowledge through in-depth research. His consulting background allows Alexey to share a holistic view on problem solving and strategy development for businesses implementing the blockchain technology.



bogdan maslesa

Young, charismatic and energetic individual, with an ethnic background from Ex-Yugoslavia. Growing up in Limassol, Moscow and later London, where he completed his BSc in Business Management and a MSc in Luxury Brand Marketing. Starting his entrepreneurial journey back in 2012, developing the world's most luxurious automobile, termed "Land Yacht" with a vision of merging luxury and blockchain together. His latest blockchain endeavour is his addition to the team, as the Director Business Development & Country Head Cyprus.  

Bogdan's wide range of skills consisting of marketing, analytical mindset, thinking outside the box and educating all demographic groups on how to join the blockchain revolution. A positive individual with an eager mind-set to make the world a better place. 



Constantinos antoniou

Born and raised in Cyprus, has a background in Business Studies with Marketing at the West London University and is currently doing a part-time Masters in Digital Currency at University of Nicosia. Constantinos’s business experience runs from a young age due to his involvement in two family run businesses. He managed to show his own entrepreneurial mindset by participating in a Start-Up Bootcamp presenting an IT innovation in the summer of 2015. These experiences helped to develop important skills related to the struggles of building a start-up and improved his problem solving skills by coming up with cost effective solutions.

Blockchain is his biggest passion as it is combining his two main interests, Technology and Finance. Blockchain revolutionises a number of industries, one of which is Venture Capital, as the ICO market is picking up he is researching, analysing and advising on upcoming ICO's.